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Tiger takes care of your pipe networks

Pipe unclogging

Clogged toilets

Sewer manhole

Root cut


Unclogging of pipes

Inspection camera

Leak search


Our Pipe Unclogging Tariffs

Manual unblocking

189 € excl. Tax *



Shower / tub

Washing machine / dishwasher

Use of a low pressure unblocker or a professional ferret

Camera / Smoke Inspection

189 € excl. Tax *

Pipe fumigation

Pipe inspection


249 € excl. Tax *


Root cut

Descaling / Unclogging

Use of the endoscopic camera (up to 50 meters) or fumigation of the pipe to detect the defective part (s) of the pipe

Pipe cleaning

Use of our all-terrain vehicle capable of accessing all areas, even the most difficult to access. Unclogging Hydraulic without chemicals up to 300 bar

* This package includes 1 hour of intervention and then invoicing is done per hour at € 99 excl.

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