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Fight against rodents

Among the most stubborn pests! Rodents.

Tiger not only has the experience but above all the expertise of his profession to fight effectively against these pests .

For all your rat, mouse or other rodent problems, we have solutions for you.

As easy as a phone call:

Treatment in boxes with locked baits:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This treatment aims to safely eliminate mice or rats present on the area to be treated, using a bait called a rodonticide .

This also makes it possible to have a follow-up and control the state of the baits to know the evolution of the population.

TIGER has chosen to work with products that respect the environment.

Sanitation plan:

In some cases and especially for professionals, a sanitation plan is necessary in order to permanently control rodents within or outside your establishment. Tiger is committed to meeting HACCP standards.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Why control rodents?

Rodents are a threat to health because they can be the direct vector of viruses such as plague or typhus. These germs are spread when they eat away at food, often without you realizing it.

Rodents can also attack your electric cables or your papers, your stocks of all kinds ...
Do not waste time countering this threat.

A single rat can give birth to about sixty young per year and then the proliferation is exponential.

Indeed a couple of rats, under ideal conditions, can transform into 3000 rats in the space of a year if they have no predators.

Thus, our goal is to prevent the proliferation of rodents. Whether you are a business, an individual or a condominium, Tiger Solution takes your problem seriously in order to help you find a solution that is both quick and lasting.

Our sectors of intervention are divided into 2 zones. So do not hesitate to call us for a rat control problem in Cannes or Antibes , but also for all rat control concerns in Fréjus St Raphael or in St Tropez, Ste Maxime, Grimaud .

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