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Lutter contre les moustiques avec Tiger Solution
Lutter contre les blattes et les cafards avec Tiger Solution
Lutter efficacement contre les punaises de lits dans le Var 83 avec Tiger Solution



Fourmis | Tiger Solution


Fast and Effective Treatment

Tiger with his experience will find you the solution to your ant problem.

Ants travel great distances and in colonies, which is very difficult to identify nests.

TIGER by its experience will allow you to get rid of it.


Powder treatment:

This treatment allows effective and rapid elimination of ant nests.


Spray treatment:

Over distances and larger surfaces and volumes, we favor the spray treatment, which aims to create a barrier for ants and which provides a fairly high level of persistence over time (extended efficiency). We carry out these treatments on existing ant nests but also as a preventive measure in order to avoid the reappearance of possible new colonies.


Gel treatment:

When the ants have taken over the interior of your house, apartment, business, etc., TIGER applies one of the best gel on the market to guarantee discretion and efficiency. This treatment also helps to preserve your furniture as well as your decoration.


What is the benefit of treating ants:

Often annoying, ant colonies are also very often harmless to humans. But the proliferation and the work they are able to accomplish can cause irreversible damage to the building or the garden.



Les Blattes


A Cockroach / Cockroach problem, don't panic, we have the solution.

Trust Tiger for the treatment of Cockroaches. 100% satisfied

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What is the benefit of eliminating cockroaches / cockroaches?

Cockroaches reproduce very quickly and know how to be discreet. They are fond of hot, humid and dark places. The problem is, these insects carry all kinds of bacteria and disease, so it is necessary not to take a Cockroach infestation lightly and seek professional help.

The Cockroach often brings a feeling of disgust as it refers to a lack of hygiene. Note that the faster the infestation is treated, the easier it will be to eradicate.

Individuals, Catering professionals, Bakeries, Condominiums, Hotels, Campsites ... Call on TIGER to find peace of mind.

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The different treatment techniques

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  • Treatment by application of a gel: TIGER has chosen to use the best products available in France in order to bring you satisfaction and to respect the environment. The gel treatment is first of all discreet and effective because it eliminates the cockroaches present but also makes it possible to eradicate their development. Apply in the right places and repeatedly, this treatment no longer has to prove its effectiveness.


  • Fumigation treatment: Sometimes when the volumes are too large, or the cockroach population is huge, we prefer the treatment by fumigation, which allows us to eliminate all the insects present in the treated volume.

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    Tiger technicians will be able to offer you the most suitable solution.



    Les Punaises de lit


    Repeated bites, bed bugs that proliferate? Contact us quickly for a quick and efficient intervention.

    Don't let bed bugs rob you of your sleep, TIGER will help you get rid of them.

    The bed bug is growing enormously in France, and quickly becomes unbearable. Tiger lets you get rid of it.


    Spray treatment:

    The purpose of this treatment is to flush out small bedbugs from their homes, and to eliminate them.


    Powder treatment:

    This treatment makes it possible to reach areas that are difficult to access or that cannot be wet, and to change the active ingredient of the product used in order to get rid of it.


    Mattress Treatment:

    In order to avoid any new contamination, we offer mattress covers specially designed for bedbugs.


    The bedbug feeds on blood by biting hosts at night.

    It lives at night, but when the bedbug population becomes too large, it is also capable of appearing during the day. Bedbugs are not known to transmit disease today, but are considered a public health problem. The bites nevertheless remain painful. It is important to bring in a professional quickly to get rid of it.

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    Find out more information on this pest in our blog by following this link>

    In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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