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An ecological mosquito trap

Mosquitos are to us what fleas are to dogs and cats: unbearable!

The beautiful days have barely started when the mosquitoes are already feasting on our blood. There are currently different methods to eradicate them, but it is becoming more and more difficult to get rid of them with simple mosquito repellents, spirals, swatters, etc...

1. The consquences of the presence of the mosquitos

how are mosquitoes attracted to humans?

The latter are able to identify the CO2 present in the air and this is what attracts them. This release of CO2 is linked to human breathing and/or perspiration, which makes tracking the mosquito towards us easier.

Why do the mosquitos bite?

Only the female mosquito bites and this phase occurs after mating. The female being full, she seeks a source of protein in the blood of mammals.

Why is the bite itchy?

When the female stings, her proboscis enters the skin to look for a blood vessel. At the same time she injects her saliva containing an anaesthetic and anti-coagulant substance for the blood which goes up in the proboscis. It is these substances that give the itch.

What is the purpose of the mosquito?

Although inconvenient and unpleasant, these insects have their place in the ecosystem.

Their main mission is to help pollinate plants and clean up stagnant water. They also serve as food for certain species such as migratory birds, frogs and spiders for example.

There are several ways to get rid of mosquitoes today, but most of the time they are methods that are not very respectful of the environment and often harmful to health (spiral, chemical products, sticky paste etc...)

2. The ecological alternative to chemical traps

The idea is simple:

Trap mosquitoes by attracting them with an artificial human smell, and CO2 imitating respiration

The trap will generate air currents imitating the same convection currents around a human body by diffusing an artificial human smell, as well as CO2 to imitate breathing. When the mosquito is attracted to the trap, it will be sucked in and trapped in a small basket.

The implementation

For the trap to be effective, it must be placed in strategic locations. After several tests in various areas, this trap is most effective in dark areas, resting areas (plants and tall grass) and in wet areas (near water points, wells, lakes etc..)


Once the trap is set up, it can remain there indefinitely. When it is not in use, the artificial human odor is not diffused. This last one is diffused between 2 and 5 months according to the bag used.

This ecological trap is equipped with a powerful fan, a direct access with a visual on the bag of capture, waterproof and effective on all types of mosquitoes (common mosquito (Culex pipiens), tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), aeded aegypti,...)

If you wish to have more information on the implementation and effectiveness of the treatment, do not hesitate and contact us at 04 22 54 25 17

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