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5 tips to avoid the invasion of rats and mice.

They are making their comeback at the beginning of the year 2022: Rodents!

Small or not, white or black, they are here and will try to take up residence in your house faster than the music.

If this is already the case, this article will not help you and we advise you to contact a professional.

But then, what can you do to avoid it?

Without further ado, here are our 5 tips to avoid the invasion of rats and mice at home!

Obviously, all our tips and tricks are 100% natural and safe for humans.

Tip #1: Don't leave food lying around.

Whether it is in the garbage, or in your cupboards, do not leave anything lying around.

Otherwise, these little beasts will be attracted in extremis by the smell of the dishes you have prepared. They will not hesitate to taste it!

As for the garbage cans, make sure that they are always well closed and that there is no trace of food nearby. Rats in particular are very fond of this kind of place.

Tip #2: Keep your home clean.

Rodents, contrary to popular belief, are clean animals. They do their toilets thoroughly and make sure that their nest is always impeccable.

What attracts them, however, is once again everything that has to do with food.

Don't leave anything lying around in your cupboards, avoid cardboard boxes and favour more airtight glass or plastic boxes for example.

Clean the inside and outside of your garbage cans, don't leave any traces, crumbs or other food residues lying around your house, inside and outside. Also maintain the spaces where food is stored, the underside of the fridge, the underside of the sink, etc.

If you have a basement and/or attic, avoid leaving it messy to prevent rats and mice from nesting.

Tip #3: Adopt a cat.

It's THE solution to all your problems.

In addition to making sure that no rodents enter your home, adopting a cat has practically only advantages!

It doesn't talk, it doesn't eat your walls, it doesn't poop anywhere, it doesn't bother you at night (or almost) and it even cuddles you when it's not busy sleeping, eating (or despising you). Isn't that great?

The only thing you have to do is to give him kibble.

A French proverb says that "It is better to feed your cat than to feed the rat".

Tip #4: Seal the holes.

If you really want to avoid an invasion, make sure they can't get into your home.

Small rodents can squeeze through 5 mm holes, so make sure there are none between your walls and your complaints for example.

This tip to avoid rodent invasion is really important.

If they can't get into your house, you are safe.

Tip #5: Use natural repellents.

Finally, there are certain smells that are unpleasant for rodents such as mice and rats, most of which are essential oils or spices that can be found in any supermarket, pharmacy or organic store. Rats and mice hate strong odors, especially those that are menthol based.

- Peppermint;

- Eucalyptus (particularly hated by rats)

- Laurel;

- Sage:

- White vinegar;

- Cinnamon;

- Garlic.

In conclusion,

There are several tips and tricks to prevent rats and mice from invading your home, the most important of which are listed above.

If you live in a place where rats and mice can be found, we urge you to follow our tips.

Our only regret is that if the rats and mice don't get in, you have no reason to contact us!

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